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Outdoor group fitness training at Copacabana is a great way to start or finish your fitness training day. Reenergise you inner soul and get your body moving in the fresh outdoors. Mix Fitness has a great bunch of people who train with us with a no judgement attitude. Personal fitness Training at it’s best and get the benefits of a personal trainer while working out in a group.

We offer several different classes at different times to fit into your life. Fun-Ctional training will get you moving your body as you do in everyday life and make it stronger at the same time. If you need a little release, then Box fit will help with this. Take it out on the pads and feel the burn. If you’re after an all round workout, then our great Mix Fit Mix Up will get you sweating and your heart pumping. Personal fitness Training at the beach is the only way to get fit and healthy.

Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal

Outdoor Group Fitness Training

Training as a group is a great way to reach your goals. Exercising in a group helps with encouragement, pushing through the tough times and achieves much more fun.


At Mix Fitness we have a range of classes that will suit all people and all goals. We work closely on your goals and match the classes that will focus and achieve those goals while working hard and having fun along the way.


Mix Fitness offers you a 1 on 1 sessions that will help push you to your limits, goals and also focus on your personal technics and workouts in a personal session.

Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal
Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal
Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal
Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal

Hey, my name is Michela Thompson, I am a fully qualified group and personal trainer and I am the founder and head trainer here at Mix Fitness .
Fitness and the great outdoors has always been a massive part of my life Wether it be , team sports , running and swimming or bushwalking , snowboarding or paddle boarding I love it all.

It wasn’t until I had my kids did I realise the importance my fitness had on my mental health. When it came to starting my own fitness business I wanted to make sure that I creates a space were people from all walks of life could come together and really enjoy getting fit,  staying fit and genuinely having fun.

Being able to exercise really is a blessing, and I wish for everyone to be able to experience the joy and self fulfilment that it can and does bring. It is not all about weight loss and muse gain . It is about moving your body, connecting with others and staying mobile to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

I do offer private sessions for those who are wanting a more specific fitness goal, or for those who aren’t yet confident enough to exercise in front of others.
My home studio is the perfect safe space for You to come and work on your goals in private.

Come and join us

See how great our classes really are by coming along and checking us out. Enjoy the Beach enviroment while you work out and with our non-judgement classes. See you at Copacabana Surf Club.