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Outdoor group fitness training and Personal fitness training


Outdoor group fitness training and Personal fitness training classes at Mix Fitness have a range of that will suit all people and all goals. We work closely on your goals and match the classes that will focus and achieve those goals while working hard and having fun along the way.


Mix Fitness will work closely with you and will design a program to fit your goals and achieve the results your after within our outdoor group fitness training classes. Combine these with our great selection of classes you will be on track from the word go.

Personal training

One and One personal fitness training will accelerate your goals quicker as you will get personal treatment. We will tailor the sessions for toning, strength, weight loss and fitness. Enjoying our wonderful outdoor location at Copacabana that will keep you motivated.

Sports Specific

If you need to reach your next level in a particular sport you do, we can tailor a program to achieve this goal. Before we start we will identify the objective and goals and a fitness assessment will be conducted.

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Mix Fitness Copacabana works with all levels of fitness within the same outdoor group fitness training classes. With our non judgement classes you will never feel different for the level of fitness your at. Working in a group encourages everyone to work together and help each other to get the task completed at the best each of you can do.


Outdoor group Fitness training at its best. Fun-Ctional training is aimed at strength, flexibility and overall fitness. With our high-intensity interval training build up a sweat, work hard in our circuits, relays and speed drills. Don't forget the use of med balls, sandbags, battle ropes, barbells, kettlebells and to take your mind off the pain just enjoy the view of Copacabana beach.

Box Fit

Need a work out with a difference. Get punching with our wonderful Box Fit session. This class is for everyone as it fun working in a team and getting those arms and legs pumping. Your heart rate will fly as you start punching those pads.

Tabata Circuit

Tabata group training can be the quickest way to get your fitness to the next level. With Tabata the High Intensity training set involves alternating two high-intensity or anaerobic exercises for 20 or 40 seconds, followed by 10 or 20 seconds of rest depending on the session planned.

Mix Fit Mix Up

Lets get Mixed Up. AMRAP, Whats that you say? Getting As Many Rounds As Possible done in a set amount of time. Let try EMOM? EMOMs are HIIT-style workouts, in which you alternate between short, intense bursts of exercise with complete rest. Or a complete body weight sesh I like to MIX this one up to how ever I feel on the day. Come prepared for anything.

Mix Fitness - Outdoor Group Training, Copacabana, Terrigal

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Try us out and enjoy the outdoor group fitness training at Copacabana and see for yourself how great we train and the atmosphere the group training has. You will be surprised how amazing the training at Copacabana beach really is.